Sunday, January 1, 2012

BBC Propaganda - Images AFTER The Roof Was Removed - Piers Morgan Comments On Unlawful Killing

The BBC told the world these images of the Mercedes were AFTER the crash . ALL blame went on Henri Paul whose bloodstream contained so much carbon monoxide he would have been unable to stand.

First reports Diana had suffered nothing more than a broken arm and lacerations,(reported here also in this BBC footage) viewing the back of the Mercedes, undamaged, this would fit. Dr. Mailliez spoke with Diana he said she told him she was pregnant, he had no thoughts that she would die. Dr.Mailliez later changed his story, he said and I quote' I have said too much already'

We now have two people who confirmed Diana was pregnant at the time of her death, columnist Jim Keith who named the physician who examined Diana, Jim has since died ( some question his mysterious death and close friends say he was killed because he named the doctor ) and a French doctor, Dr. Mailliez.

ADD to that the illegal embalming of Diana's body !

The Mercedes AFTER the accident

THE ESTABLISHMENT : BBC Propaganda - The Mercedes AFTER The Accident

PIERS MORGAN : On The Establishment